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Solid Wood Christmas Tree Laser Blank

Solid Wood Christmas Tree Laser Blank

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If you're looking for a quality-made solid wood Christmas tree laser blank for the holidays, you've come to the right place. Our laser blanks are made from locally sourced walnut or maple hardwood, and we go from slab to completed project in our Middle Tennessee workshop. We only use Titebond 3 wood, which is FDA-cleared for use in cutting boards, meaning that this Christmas tree blank can be used for food contact if you want to market it that way! We also ship our boards with zero finish applied. They're sanded to 220 grit and rounded over with a 1/8-inch roundover bit, giving a nice profile on the edges and a smooth finish. If you intend to use it as a cutting board or something that will be washed, we recommend slightly wetting the board, sanding with 220 grit again, and then applying your finish. We avoid this step in-house as it allows us to pass on labor savings to you if you don't intend to use it as a cutting board, and also gives you the freedom to engrave, sand, and then prep for finish.

The solid wood Christmas tree laser blank measures approximately 15" tall and 10.5" wide, with a thickness of approximately .75". Thickness and actual size may vary slightly as all are finished by hand before sending out. Also, variation in the wood coloring is to be expected as wood is a natural product. Maple could have streaks of dark brown in it, while walnut might have streaks of light brown in it.

While all of our blanks come without a finish applied, we offer our homemade all-natural finish for purchase! It's petroleum-free and made with two simple ingredients: certified organic beeswax and certified organic fractionated coconut oil. We've come up with our own ratio for our finish that provides ample protection as well as brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Want to make the finish on your own? We have instructions that you can easily follow over on our sister site, Every Purpose Home!

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