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All-natural Beeswax Finish

All-natural Beeswax Finish

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Our all-natural beeswax finish is made from two ingredients that you can easily pronounce: certified organic beeswax, and certified organic fractionated coconut oil. We choose fractionated coconut oil because it won't go rancid, and the beeswax gives a nice finish once cured. This finish isn't just food-safe, but it's food-grade, made from ingredients that you could literally eat and that come from plants we already know and love. There's no petroleum or any other chemical byproducts in here, ensuring that it's safe to use with any food-ready surface like a cutting board, charcuterie board, or anything else.

Our finish comes in a four ounce container that should handle finishing anywhere between 10-14 of our Christmas tree laser blanks, giving you an idea of how much you'll need to order if you're wanting to do those types of projects. 

Want to make your own? We have instructions that you can easily follow over on our sister site, Every Purpose Home!

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