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Toothpick Launcher

Toothpick Launcher

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Are you ready to have a blast? Well, this toothpick blaster/launcher is sure to bring tons of fun to your next guys night. Designed for all, this toothpick launcher is simple to use and will be the hit of your next party. 

We currently offer it in just black, but are working to expand that to more colors in the future! Every purchase comes with 10 toothpicks to get you going as soon as it arrives. Plus, we're offering a discount on both 5- and 10-pack purchases if you want to have fun with the whole family!

Those with 3D printers might want to make their own, and for that, you can head over to Makerworld or Printables and look up Thisfact's user where he kindly designed this toothpick launcher and listed the files for others to use. 

Keep in mind that you're using this at your own risk. This toothpick launcher flings projectiles strong enough to stick into foam, so please be mindful of where you aim it and be safe (but fun) adults when using it. Created Workshop bears no liability for any injuries sustained while using this toothpick launcher (whether you're using it correctly or not.) Don't aim it at any eyes, heads, kids, pets, or anything else you wouldn't want a toothpick to stick into. 

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