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Solid Walnut and Maple Wooden Task Card Holder 3x5 cards INCLUDES TASK CARDS Factory Seconds

Solid Walnut and Maple Wooden Task Card Holder 3x5 cards INCLUDES TASK CARDS Factory Seconds

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***THESE TRAYS ARE CONSIDERED FACTORY SECONDS. THEY ARE FULLY FUNCTIONAL BUT HAVE BLEMISHES SOMEWHERE ON THE TRAY.*** -- You'll still get task cards and everything else as a normal order, but your tray will just have some cosmetic defects. No returns or exchanges are accepted. See pictures for examples of what defects could look like. Not all defects pictured, each item is unique.

If you're looking for a tactile, physical way to stay on task, then this is a fantastic way to do just that. After searching myself for a way to store task cards, a pen, and keep one in view at all times, I was sad to find there weren't many options or methods out there to do that, and the ones that did exist, were quite expensive. So, I set out to make one for myself, and make one more affordable! This task card holder is designed to work with 3x5 cards and even includes 10 task cards to get you started as soon as it arrives. The task cards themselves are also quite budget-friendly, and a 50-pack can be picked up cheaply on Amazon:
Each one is made in our local shop in Murfreesboro, TN where we mill, sand, and finish all units by hand. This adds a hand-made feel to each and every one, as both the wood grain and exact finishing procedure delivers a unique style to each tray. The trays themselves are comprised of solid walnut hardwood, locally sourced in middle Tennessee. Our finish is 100% organic beeswax and fractionated coconut oil that we combine in-house to create a buttery-smooth finish once hardened. We chose to use a 100% organic finish that we make ourselves so that you can use this tray for anything.

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