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Luke 2 Ornament

Luke 2 Ornament

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Our Luke 2 ornament delivers the story of the birth of Jesus Christ taken right out of the King James Version Bible! In this unique ornament, which includes a nativity scene and stars at the top, comes in a 2-layer design that's sure to look great with any Christmas decor. There are three sizes available, meaning you can pick the perfect one for your home!

The large size measures 7.5" wide by 5.5" tall, and is designed to sit on a mantle or in your tree. There's no ornament hook, but you can choose to get it with an optional stand to display it on!

The medium is 5.5" wide and 4" tall with an ornament hook that comes with twine pre-attached so you can hang it as soon as it arrives.

The small is 3.5" wide and 2.6" tall, and also comes with an ornament hook and twine pre-attached.

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